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Generation Three

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9. SAMUEL3 MCCLINTOCK (James2, Francis1), born 1765 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania; died 30 March 1815 in Marietta, Ohio, (drowned); married ELIZABETH INGLIS. Samuel moved from Virginia to Ross County, Ohio.48
Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Inglis) McClintock:

  32 i. James4 McClintock.
  33 ii. Samuel McClintock.

34 iii. Tilden McClintock..
  35 iv. David McClintock.

36 v. Rachel McClintock.

37 vi. Katherine McClintock.

10. MARY3 MCCLINTOCK (James2, Francis1), married MOSES SCOTT.49
Children of Moses and Mary (McClintock) Scott:

  38 i. Jane4 Scott; married Solomon Houseworth, born between 1791 and 1800. Solomon was a son of Isaac and Sarah [—?—] Houseworth of present-day Berkley County, West Virginia. Solomon and Jane lived in Ross County, Ohio. The 1830 (Scioto Township) and 1840 (Union Township) federal censuses for Ross County, Ohio, indicate Solomon and Jane had both daughters and sons. Martha Grenzeback, who descends from Solomon's sister Nancy (Houseworth) Riley, kindly provided the information and sources for Solomon Houseworth.

11. RACHEL3 MCCLINTOCK (James2, Francis1), born 22 December 1771 in Carlise, Pennsylvania; died 13 August 1831 in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio; married 29 June 1795 Reverend WILLIAM MCDOWELL, born 4 February 1762 in County Cavan, Ireland; died 11 November 1841 in Chillicothe, Ohio.50

William McDowell came to North America shortly after the Revolutionary War, landing in North Carolina where his brother John McDowell was a merchant. Reverend William McDowell was a Methodist Episcopalian circuit rider for several years.51
Children of Children of William and Rachel (McClintock) McDowell:52

  39 i. Mary4 Ann McDowell, born 24 April 1796 in Savannah Georgia; married [—?—] Springer.
  40 ii. Junior McDowell, born 26 September 1798 in Newton, Virginia.

41 iii. William McDowell, Jr., born 25 October 1800; died 20 February 1803.
  42 iv. Jap? McDowell, born 26 November 1802.

43 v. William McDowell, Jr. (again), born 27 March 1805 in Newton Virginia; married Eliza Ann Clingman, born circa 1825.

44 vi. Joseph D. McDowell, born 27 October (year not known) in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio.

45 vii. Rachel McDowell, born 16 February 1812 in Ross County, Ohio; married 30 September 1830 in Scioto County, Ohio, Hiram Ransom

12. SARAH3 MCCLINTOCK (James2, Francis1),born circa 1781 in Shippensburg, Shippensburg Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; died 1854 or 1858 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio; married (first) EDWARD HUSTON, born in Ireland; died in Frederick County, Virginia; married (second) JAMES PRITCHARD.53

James Pritchard was a State Senator (1804–1807) from the Jefferson and Columbiana District of Ohio and was appointed an associate judge of Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1803.54
Children of Edward and Sarah (McClintock) Huston:

  46 i. Elizabeth4 Huston, born 1798; married Dorsett Viers 22 September 1814 in Jefferson County, Ohio; their children were (a) McClintock (Clint) Viers and (b) Edward Viers.
+   47 ii. Mary Huston; born 10 July 1800 in Virginia; died 10 November 1883 in Clay County Indiana; married Nathan McGrew.
Children of James and Sarah (McClintock) Pritchard, James Pritchard being Sarah's second husband.55

  48 iii. Jane Pritchard, born circa 1811 in Ohio; married David C. Bacon, born 1803 in New York state; died 1880.

Mrs. David C. BACON (Jane PRITCHARD) better known as "Aunt Jane," was married in 1828. Her father, James PRITCHARD, was the judge of the court of Steubenville, and one of the framers of the state constitution. She was a woman of great intelligence, and being fond of reading, was well informed on the general topics of the day. She was an ardent Methodist, one of the charter members of the church. She was remarkably gifted in prayer and exhortation. Her only daughter is the wife of Dr. B.F. RAY of Burton.(This excerpt from "Northwest," Ohio Poratge County History, presented by The OHGenWeb Project, online at http://www.rootsweb.com/~ohportag/hist011.htm.
David C. Bacon was a farmer. In 1850 (census page 345) 1860 (page 122), and (1870 (page 318) the family lived in Northfield Township, Summit County, Ohio; in 1880, David, Jane and son Miles and his family were in Macedonia, Summit County, Ohio (page 308).
Their children (all born in Ohio):
(a) Reason P. Bacon, born 1829; died 1859.
(b) Sarah J. Bacon, born 1831; married Dr. B.F. Ray—see excerpt above.
(c) Miles Plumpton Bacon, born October 1848; married Eva [—?—], born November 1857 in Ohio. Miles P. was a farmer. Their children (both born in Ohio) known from the 1880 federal census for Macedonia, Summit County, Ohio (page 308) and 1900 federal census for Civil District 2, Knox County, Tennesssee were (i) Bertha R. Bacon, born July 1879; and (ii) Clark Bacon, born March 1871—in 1900, Clark was enumerated as a bookkeeper.
  49 iv. Sarah Pritchard; married George Howe.

13. NANCY3 MCCLINTOCK (James2, Francis1),born 1783; died 1859 in Madison County, Ohio; married PHILIP CRYDER, born 1776; died 1844.56
One child of Phillip and Nancy (McClintock) Cryder was57

  50 i. Mary4 Cryder, born 1800; died 1849; married Jonathan Markley, born 1780, settled in Madison County, Ohio; died 1849. Mary Cryder was Jonathan's second wife.
Jonathan and Mary (Cryder) Markley had eight children:
(a) Philip Markley (see next paragraph).
(b) Jonathan Markley.
(c) Samuel Markley.
(d). Jacob B. Markley.
(e). James Markley.
(f) Nancy Markley, married [—?—] Pemberton.
(g) Mary Markley, married [—?—] Fix.
(h) Jane Markley, married [—?—] Hannah.

Jonathan and Mary's first born child was Philip Markley; born 1824 in Ohio; died 1900; married (first) Catherine Kiskaden, died in 1850, had children (i) James Markley; and (ii) Victoria Markley (both died young). Philip married (second) Eliza Jane Atchison, born circa 1834 in Ohio, died in 1861, had children (all born in Ohio) (iii) James A. Markley, (twin) born circa 1853; (iv) William A. Markley, born circa 1853 (twin); (v) Jacob M. Markley, born circa 1855; (vi) John H. Markley, born circa 1857; (vii) Maria Markley, born circa 1859; married Jerry Shire; and (viii) Eliza Jane Markley, born circa 1860, married I. T. Allen.

Philip married (third) Tabitha Susan (Bales) Whitakers; born 1829 in Virginia. In 1880, the family was living in Somerford Township, Madison County, Ohio (page 196), where Phillip was enumerated as a farmer. Children of Philip and Susan (all born in Ohio) were (ix) Jonathan F. Markley, born circa 1856, married Mary S. Minser—children were Alta Markley (married Ross Wilson), Phillip Markley (married Mae Paul), Harold Markley, Noel Markley, Hattie Markley, Cleo Markley, and Marjorie Markley; (x) Philip M. Markley, born circa 1863; (xi) John G. Markley, born circa 1863; (xii) Harvey Markley, born circa 1866; (xiii) Bertha R. Markley, born 1870, married [—?—] Squiers; and (xiv) Rosa S. Markley, born circa 1875, married Dr. Charles E. Gain.
Information on the Markleys from the "Biography of Philip Markley," in History of Madison County, Ohio, 1915; Bowen and Company, Indianapolis (page 594); provided by RootsWeb.com , 18 February 2006.

14. JAMES3 MCCLINTOCK II (James2, Francis1, born 25 October 1785 in Shippensburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; died 11 May 1862 in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio; married 11 March 1811 CHARITY TRIMBLE in Ross County, Ohio, born 29 July 1790 in Frederick, Virginia; died 2 March 1869 in Chillicothe, Ohio.58 Charity (Trimble) McClintock was a daughter of James and Rachel (Ridgeway) Trimble of Kentucky. She had a brother, Major David Trimble, who was on General Harrison’s staff during the War of 1812. Another brother was General Isaac R. Trimble of Maryland who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.59

James McClintock

James McClintock of Ross County, Ohio James McClintock, (1785-1862). From History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio,” page 225.

James McClintock II became a prominent Ohio judge. Although not trained as a lawyer, James was appointed in 1824 as an associated judge to the court of common pleas for Ross County, Ohio. By successive appointments he retained his position for over 20 years. In politics, “he was a Whig of the Henry Clay school.”60 The family lived in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Children of James and Charity (Trimble) McClintock:61

  51 i. James4 McClintock III, born 28 July 1813 in Ohio; died January 1895; married (first) 2 November 1832 Mary J. Taylor; born circa 1820 in Ohio; married (second) Jane Watson Smith. James was a merchant in Chillicothe, Ohio. Children known from the 1850 federal census for Chilllicothe, Ross County, Ohio (page 59): (a) John W. McClintock, born circa 1837 in Ohio; and (b) Mary A. McClintock, born circa 1839 in Ohio. In 1860, in Chillicothe, James was enumerated as a grocer. Also in the household with James and Mary in 1860 was Catherine Watson, born 1839 in Canada. 62
  52 ii. Rachel McClintock, born and died in 1814 in Chillicothe, Ohio.

53 iii. Rachel McClintock (again),born 1 August 1815; died 21 September 1816 in Chillicothe.
  54 iv. Mary Williamson McClintock, born 1 September 1817; died 8 October 1817 in Chillicothe.

55 v. William Trimble McClintock, born 20 February 1819 in Ohio; married 1 October 1845 Elizabeth Mary Atwood of Harrodsburg, Kentucky; she was a daughter of Peter B. and Mary Kemp Roubards Atwood.63

The family lived in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio (1850, census page 60; 1870, page 514; 1880, page 76; and 1900, page 11B). William was a lawyer. There are biographical sketches of William Trimble McClintock in The Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly64 and in The History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio,65 1880, with his picture on page 227. For both biographical sketches of William and the one of his father, James, the name is spelled McClintick, as are the signatures beneath each portrait. According to the History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio, page 227: “On the moral side Mr. McClintick [that is William] inherits the characteristics of his lamented father. As the latter was before him, the son is—an active, useful and consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal church, ever faithful and punctual in the performance of his religious duties, and has a high character for integrity and fair dealing with his fellow men.” The History of Ross and Highland Counties also mentions: “In addressing juries he was formerly accustomed to go into extreme and perhaps unnecessary detail in the discussion of a case; but this has been measurably modified and corrected in the light of experience.”

The following from "Another View of Ohio's Bicentennial:" A Speech Given Before the Annual Dinner of the Lucas County-Maumee Valley Historical Society, June 11, 2003, by Timothy Messer-Kruse, Associate Professor of Labor History, University of Toledo; online at
William T. McClintock, an eighty-three year old life-long resident of Chillicothe understood his own role: “I have said that I feel myself to be a connecting link between the past and present and so I am for I have personally known all the governors of the state from Edward Tiffin to our present governor. . .” McClintock noted that he followed the procession which carried Gov. Worthington to his grave in 1827. He then had to scrape a little to find something to say about Ohio’s first governor. “I had the honor of having a tooth pulled by Dr. Edward Tiffin in my childhood . . . a recollection . . as fresh as if it happened yesterday...”

Children of William and Elizabeth (Atwood) McClintock:
(a) Sarah McClintock, born 11 January 1847; died 11 March 1874.
(b) Mary Petrea McClintock, born August 1849. In 1900, Mary, single, was the only child living with her parents.
(c) Elizabeth McClintock, born 21 October 1854; married Charles Pruy; born September 1856 in Pennsylvania. In 1900, Charles and Elizabeth, no children, were living in Ashtabula, Ward 5, Ashtabula County, Ohio, where Charles was listed as a coal dealer.
(d) Anne McClintock, born 16 July 1856; married Edward Strong.

56 vi. Martha Finley McClintock, born 6 May 1821 in Chillicothe; married James Henry Holcomb, born circa 1818 in Connecticut. In 1850, 1860, 1870, the family was living in Chillicothe, Ohio, where James H. was enumerated as a merchant in 1850 (census page 60) and 1860 (page 610) and as a farmer in 1870 (page 544); in 1880 James and Martha were in Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio (page 400), where James was a lumber merchant. Child was (1) Mary Holcomb, born circa 1843 in Ohio.
  57 vii. Sarah Starr McClintock, born 15 July 1826 in Chillicothe; died 23 November 1845.

58 viii. Eliza Jane McClintock, born 26 November 1828 in Chillicothe; died 1913; married 30 May 1848, in Chillicothe, John Briscoe Henry Bennett, born 1829 in Virginia; died 1913. The family lived in Chillicothe, Ohio, where John H. Bennett was listed as a dry goods store merchant.66
Children of John Briscoe Henry and Eliza Jane (McClintock) Bennett
(a) Alice Bennett; born circa 1855; died 1923; in 1910 and 1920, she was living with her unmarried siblings Henry and Martha. No occupations were reported. Alice apparently did not marry.
(b) Henry Holcomb Bennett, born 5 December 1863; died 30 April 1924; buried in Grandview Cemetery, Chillicothe, Ohio. Henry did not marry. He lived in Chillicothe. In 1910, listed as a painter and decorator, he was living with his mother and unmarried sisters Alice and Martha (page 12 A). In 1920, Henry H. (Harry) was enumerated as a newspaper editor. Henry was a distinguished poet, author and editor. For example he was author of the patriotic poem, "Hats Off— The Flag Goes By," and editor of A History of Ross County, Ohio, from the Earliest-Days, with Special Chapters on the Bench and Bar, Medical Profession Educational Development, Industry and Agriculture and Biographical Sketches. For accounts of many of Henry's activities, type Henry Holcomb Bennett into your search engine.
(c) John Bennett, born 17 May 1865 in Chillicothe; died 2 April 1902; married Susan Dunlap Adger Smythe. The family was living in Chillicothe in 1870.67
(d) Martha Bennett, born circa 1868. Martha apparenly did not marry. In 1910, she was living with her mother and siblings Henry, and Alice—she was enumerated as a college teacher. In 1920, she was still living with her siblings Henry and Alice, and was listed as a teacher, public schools.
  59 ix. Mary Ridgeway McClintock, born 28 April 1831; died 17 September 1835 in Chillicothe.
  60 x. Anna Marie McClintock, born 27 October 1836 in Chillicothe. In 1850 and 1860, Anna was the only child still at home (Chillicothe). Anna married John S. Mackey. In 1880, in Chillicothe, John S. was enumerated as an express agent (page 56). By 1920, John S. had died and Anna was living with her unmarried nephews Alice, Henry, and Martha Bennett in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio (page 2A). Known child from the 1880 federal census: (a) Bettie Mackey, born circa 1868 in Ohio.68
  61 xi. (tentative). Possibly there was another daughter who married [—?—] Culbertson.

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