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Generation Five

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121. LYDIA5 MCCLINTOCK (James4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born in late March or early April 1834 in Pennsylvania;545 interred 4 October 1919 in the McClintock lots546 of Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, Pennsylvania; married LEVI LAMEY,547 born circa 1834 in Pennsylvania,548 interred 1 September 1879 in Greendale Cemetery.549 (There is a mistake here, since Levi was enumerated in the 1880 federal census.).550

Venango Spectator, 16 July, 1856
Married in Cornplanter Township on July 10th by Rev. Joseph Hooten, Mr. Levi Lamey and Miss Lydia McClintock.

Lydia was not listed in her parent’s household in 1850;551 probably she was simply missed. The family possibly moved to Denver.552 Levi was a farmer. In 1860 Levi, Lydia and daughrer Sylvia (Zylpha) were still in Cherrytree Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania (census page 87). By 1870 the family had moved to Vernon Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania (page 760). In 1880, the family was still in Vernon Township, where Levi was still farmer.553 Also in Levi and Lydia’s household in 1880 was Lydia’s mother, Louisa (Reynolds) McClintock (#64), and Lydia’s brother James (?A.) McClintock (#124), and John Benninghoff, born circa 1862. Levi Lamey was a younger brother of John Lamey, who married Lydia’s sister, Maria McClintock. In 1900 Lydia Lamey was living in Vernon Township, Crawford County, with her brothers Hugh C. McClintock and James A. McClintock.

Children of Levi and Lydia (McClintock) Lamey (all born in Pennsylvania): (based on the 1880 federal census and on two young Lameys buried near Lydia Lamey in Greenville Cemetery554):

  NN i. Zylpha6 (enumerated as Sylvia in the 1860 federal census); born circa 1857 in Pennsylvania; married [—?—] Pulford; died May or June 1892; buried 5 June 1892 in the McClintock lots of the Greendale Cemetery.
  NN ii. Ida L. Lamey; born circa 1862
  NN iii. Eva Minnie Lamey; born circa 1865; died 11 March 1879; buried 13 March 1879 in Greendale Cemetery.
  269 iv. Lottie Lamey; born circa 1869.
  270 v. (tentative) Levi Lamey; born 1876; died May 1884; buried 16 May 1884 in Greendale Cemetery.
  NN vi. Louisa Lamey; born circa 1876

122. ADALINE5 MCCLINTOCK (James4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born February 1836 in Pennsylvania; died March 1895; buried 9 March 1895 in the McClintock lots of Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, Pennsylvania;555 married JONATHAN LONG,556 born circa 1835 in Pennsylvania, interred 15 October 1896 in Greendale Cemetery.

Jonathan, husband of Adaline McClintock, was probably the Jonathan Long, born circa 1835, enumerated in 1850 with his parents, Samuel Long (born circa 1793) and Eve Long (born 1800).557 This is supported by a Venango County, Pennsylvania, Query Forum item reporting a Johnson Long, born circa 1833 in Logan Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania; he was a son of Samuel and Eva (Herschberger) Long; in 1857, Samuel and family moved to Ohio.558 In 1865, Jonathan and Adaline were living in Akron, Ohio.559 By 1870, they had moved back to Pennsylvania, being in Vernon Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Jonathan Long was a retail dry goods merchant in 1870 and an undertaker in 1880.560
Children of Jonathan and Adaline (McClintock) Long (all born in Pennsylvania):

  271 i. Elda6 Long; born circa 1859.
  272 ii. Bernice Long; born circa 1862.561
  273 iii. Jane (Jennie) Long; born circa 1865.
  NN iv. Charles Long; born circa 1868.
  274 v. Lina Long; born December 1870; died March or April 1890; buried 4 April 1890 in Greendale Cemetery.562
  NN vi. Frank Long; born circa 1874.

126. MARY5 DAVIDSON (Ann4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born 10 June 1826; died 26 January 1883; buried in Plumer Cemetery, Cornplanter Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania; married WILLIAM G. WOLF,563 born 19 April 1829; died 4 February 1899; buried in Plumer Cemetery.564

In 1870, Alexander Davidson and Hamilton Culbertson, administrators of the estate of Ann (McClintock) Davidson, sold 7 3/4 acres of land in Cornplanter Township to Mary Wolf for $1,970.565 In 1880, William, Mary, and children James and Sarah were still living in Cornplanter Township.566 Also in the household was Thomas McClintock, born circa 1855, “nephew.” He was probably the Willis McClintock, son of Mary's sister Eliza Ann (Davidson) McClintock—see #283. Have found only one other nineteenth century Thomas McClintock in Venango County (see the apparently unrelated McClintock family "Alexander McClintock of Franklin").567

Children of William and Mary (Davidson) Wolf:

  275 i. James6 Wolf; born circa 1864.
  276 ii. Sarah Wolf; born circa 1862.568
  277 iii. Eddy Wolf; born 1869; died 1871.569

129. RACHEL5 DAVIDSON (Ann4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born circa 1833; died 5 June 1897; buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Oil City, Pennsylvania; married HAMILTON CULBERTSON, born 23 December 1825; died 13 October 1886; buried in Plumer Cemetery, Cornplanter Township, Venango County. Hamilton was a son of Francis Culbertson, and a grandson of Patrick and Jane (McClintock) Culbertson. Rachel and Hamilton would have been first cousins once removed.
Children of Hamilton and Rachel (Davidson) Culbertson were
(a) Francis Culbertson.
(b) O. Oscar Culbertson.
(c) Lawrence Leslie Culbertson.
(d) Harry Holland Culbertson.
(e) Ernest Eugene Culbertson.
(f) Florence Thaylers Culbertson, (married [—?—] Rodgers).
For information on Hamilton and Rachel Davidson Culbertson and their descendants, see #32 of “Culbertsons.”

131. ALEXANDER5 DAVIDSON (Ann4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born circa 1834 in Pennsylvania;570 died 1900; married in 1862 PHOEBE ELEANOR MORGAN, born 1845 in Pennsylvania; died 1921.571

In 1870 and 1880 the family was living in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, where Alexander was listed as a farmer in 1870 and as self-employed in 1880. In 1900 Phoebe E., widow, was head of a lodging house in Williamsport, Pennsylvania—no children were living with her at this time. In 1920, still in Williamsport, Phoebe was living with her widowed daughter Frances Coryell.572

In 1857, a few year before the oil excitement, George Washington (#80) and Angeline McClintock sold 19 acres and 71 perches of land in Cornplanter Township for $160 to Alexander Davidson.573 The deed was recorded about a month before Alexander’s father, Moses, died. In 1860, Alexander purchased another 19 acres of land bordering on this tract; this from William and Margaret Story.574 The total tract of 38 acres 41 perches was to become the famous Hyde and Egbert Farm (Map 3)—see “Oil and Our Oil Creek Ancestors.”

There is a biographical sketch of our Alexander Davidson in Culbertson (1923), pages 431–434. According to this biography, Alexander became wealthy from the oil produced on his farm in the Petroleum Center, Cornplanter Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania, area. The family eventually moved to Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, where Alexander became a gentleman farmer.

Children of Alexander and Phoebe Eleanor (Morgan) Davidson (all born in Pennsylvania):575

+   278 i. Ida6 Iona Davidson; born 1863; married John Heisley [Hershey?] Weaver.
+   279 ii. Enise Emerson Davidson; born 1864; married Emily Marie Hastings.
  280 iii. James Urban Davidson; born 1866. Listed as ?Gail in the 1880 federal census.
+   281 iv. Frances Lourena Davidson; born 1869; married (first) 1902 John Gibson Coryell; married (second) Dietrick Lamade. She is listed as Jennie in the 1870 and 1880 federal censuses.

132. ELIZA5 ANN (OR ANNA ELIZA) DAVIDSON (Ann4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born circa 1836,576 died 1862;577 possibly as a result of childbirth; married JOHN S. MCCLINTOCK. He was a son of James R. and Mary (Folwell) McClintock (#74); hence Eliza and John S. were second cousins. After Ann died, John S. McClintock married Permelia (or Pamela) Popplewell. At least three land deeds between John S. McClintock and wife Pamela (with one transcribed as Permelia) and Jerusha McClintock (admrx) confirm that the John S. McClintock of Titusville in 1870 and of Cherrytree Township in 1880 (census page 5) were the John S., son of James and Mary (Folwell) McClintock (see (#74).

In 1870, John, Permelia and children Theodore McClintock, Willis McClintock and Blanche McClintock by John and Permelia; and children Edward P. McClintock and Alice J. McClintock by John and Permelia were living in Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, where John was enumerated as a stationary engineer (page 654). For more information on John S. and Pamela (Popplewell) McClintock and their family, see #165.

Children of John S. and Eliza (Davidson) McClintock known from the 1870 census, land deeds and court petitions578

  282 i. Theodore6 McClintock; born circa 1857 in Pennsylvania.. Records of the Plumer Presbyterian Church [Cornplanter Township, Venango County] show an adult baptism for Theodore McClintock on 3 March1878. In 1900 a T. A. McClintock; born March 1867 in Pennsylvania, single, was enumerated as a hotel porter in Oil City, Pennsylvania (page 2B). In 1910, Theodore McClintock, born circa 1868, single, was listed as a servant with Michael F. Reynolds.in Oil City.579 See also court petitions after list of remaining children.
  283 ii. Willis McClintock (also possibly Thomas McClintock?); born circa 1860 in Pennsylvania. See court petitions after llist of children. One of these petitions, 14 February 1870, reported that son Willis would like to have his residence changed to that of William G. Wolf, “his uncle by marriage.” William G. Wolf married Mary Davidson (see #126), a sister Eliza Ann (Davidson) McClintock. The 1880 federal census for Plumer, Cornplanter Township, Venango County (census page 447), lists William G. Wolf, born circa 1829; Mary D. Wolf, wife, born circa 1827; James T. Wolf, son, born circa 1864; Sarah M. Wolf; daughter, born circa 1866; and Thomas McClintock; nephew, born circa 1857 (all born in Pennsylvania). I believe this Thomas McClintock and Willis McClintock were the same person.

I could not find any Thomas (or Willis) McClintock in subsequent censuses for Venango County. However in 1900 in Wolf Township (Hughesville area), Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, there was a Thomas McClintock; born March 1860 in Pennsylvania; he had married Hattie [—?—] and they had child David J. McClintock; born April 1897. Besides this Thomas McClintock, there was a Thomas S. McClintock, son of John and Catherine McClintock; born circa 1857 in Pennsylvania, and enumerated in Penn Township, Lycoming County in 1870 but not thereafter. Another early Thomas McClintock of Lycoming County was Thomas S. McClintock; born circa 1851, died 1926, a son of Lafayette and Harriet McClintock. This Thomas S. McClintock and wife Rosetta (Bartlow) McClintock are buried in the Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Penn Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania; online at (http://www.usgennet.org/usa/pa/county/lycoming/cemeteries/mtzionlutheran.html)

Without a source that the Thomas McClintock who married Hattie and lived in Wolf Township, Lycoming County, was born in Venango County, I hesitate to add his family as descendants of John and Eliza Ann (Davidson) McClintock. Note that two of Eliza Ann (Davidson) McClintock's siblings, Alexander Davidson (#131) and Nancy Jane Davison (#133), (married Joshua Ewing).eventually lived in Lycoming County.
  284 iii. (tentative) Miles McClintock. Miles is enigmatic. Other than in the Index of Wills, which might have been a transcription error, he was mentioned only in an 1868 deed.580 This deed starts by listing Theodore and Miles, but when the pair is next mentioned, it is Theodore and Willis. In early handwriting a “W” can look like an “M.” Culbertson (1923) does not list Miles as a child of John and Elizabeth Ann (Davidson) McClintock. Perhaps Willis and Miles were the same person.
  285 vi. Blanche McClintock; born circa 1862 in Pennsylvania. An 1868 Orphan Court document (see below) would indicate that Blanche was the youngest of the children. Records of the Plumer Presbyterian Church show an adult baptism for Blanch McClintock on 22 October 1875. Blanche (and Miles) were not mentioned in the 30 November 1868 petition of heirs and legal representative of Ann Davidson.581 However, a minor child of Eliza McClintock, Rachel McClintock, was mentioned. Could she be Blanche? I have no other record of a Rachel McClintock, child of Eliza Ann McClintock.

In Venango County, Pennsylvania, Index of Wills, 1800–1968,582 Blanche, Theodore, Willis C. and Miles McClintock were listed as heirs of Elizabeth A. McClintock, and in another part of the index they are listed as heirs of John S. McClintock although no Registers Docket or Will Docket is listed for either Elizabeth A. or John S. McClintock.

In 1868, Theodore, Willis and Blance McClintock, heirs of Ann Davidson and minor children of John S. McClintock, petitioned the court to appoint a guardian.583 The same day the court appointed Edward Chase. Chase then issued a series of petitions instructive in learning about John and Eliza (Davidson) McClintock’s family.584 On 14 September 1869, Edward Chase, guardian of the minor children of Eliza A. McClintock, who was deceased at that time, petitioned the Court for money from the Estate of Ann (McClintock) Davidson (Eliza’s mother) to support the minor children: “The father of the said minor children J. S. McClintock is living and supporting them by his labor, that the said J. S. McClintock has lost one arm, has very little real estate . . .” On 14 February 1870 (but reported with the August Term 1869 document), Chase reported that son Willis would like to have his residence changed to that of William G. Wolf, “his uncle by marriage” [Eliza’s sister, Mary Davidson married William Wolf], but still receive support via Ann Davidson’s Estate. Also on that date, Chase reported that Theodore was “in feeble health and is affected with an infirmity that renders him unable to obtain a proper sustenance by manual labor and is need not only of medical treatment but is dependent on the charity of others for his maintenance.” Therefore Chase petitioned the court for $156 annually from Ann Davidson’s estate for Theodore. The last petition is dated 13 January 1873 (but reported in the August Term 1869 document) where Chase petitioned the Court for money from Ann Davidson’s estate to support Blanche who “is now about eleven.”.585

133. NANCY5 JANE DAVIDSON (Ann4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born October 1841 in Pennsylvania; died 1920; married 1864 JOSHUA E. EWING, born 1823; died 1888.586 The family was in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1880, when J. E. Ewing was listed as a farmer. In 1900 and 1910, Nancy, widow, was head of household with unmarried children Lottie and Frank in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Nancy was living with her unmarried son, Frank, head of household, and Nancy's unmarried daughter Lottie in South Williamsport in 1920.587

Children of Joshua and Nancy (Davidson) Ewing (all born in Pennsylvania):

  286 i. Lottie6 Ewing; born 1865. In 1910 and 1920, Lottie, single, was living with her mother and brother in South Williamsport, where Lottie was listed as a seamstress in 1910 and as a dressmaker in 1920. In 1930, Lottie, single, was living with her brother Frank in South Williamsport, Ward 2, Pennsylvania—no occupation listed in 1930.
  287 ii. Fred Ewing; born 1867; died 1912; married Jane [—?–]; born circa 1873 in Pennsylvania. In 1910, the family was in South Williamsport, Ward 2, Pennsylvania (page 4A), where Fred was enumerated as a telegrapher for the railroad. In 1920 (page 5B) and 1930 (page 19B), Jennie, head of household and widow, was listed as a dressmaker/seamstress, when living with her children in South Williamsport.
Children of Fred and Jane Ewing known from the federal censuses (all born in Pennsylvania):
(a) Guy Ewing, born 1896. He was single and living with his mother in 1910-1930—a proprietor of a cigar store in 1920, and a machinist for the railroad in 1930.
(b) Fred Ewing, born circa 1904. He was single and living with his mother in 1910-1930—a laborer in a machine shop in 1920, and a laborer, steel? in 1930.
(c) Eliza (Betty) Ewing, born circa 1912. She was single and living with his mother in 1920 and 1930—a stenographer, insurance, in 1930.
  288 iii. Jessie Ewing; born 1870; died 1895.
  289 iv. Frank Ewing; born circa 1874. In 1930, Frank, single, was head of household, living with his sister Lottie Ewing on George Street, South Williamsport, Ward 2, where he was enumerated as an assistant manager, railroad (page 5A). Note there was another Frank Ewing, born circa 1873 in Pennsylvania, who with his wife Viola [—?—]; born circa 1885 in Pennsylvania, was living on Memorial Drive, Williamsport (page 3B), where he was listed as a laborer in a motors work.

141. JOHN5 WASHINGTOM STEELE (Culbertson4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born 1843588 in Sheakleyville, Sandy Creek Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania; died December 1920 at his home in Fort Crook, Sarpy County, Nebraska; buried, along with son Oscar Steele, in Fort Crook.589 In 1862, Johnny married ELEANOR J. MOFFETT, who Johnny had known since childhood.590 Eleanor was born in 1845; died 6 August 1926 in Lincoln, Nebraska.591 She was the eldest daughter of Robert and Ann Jane Moffett of Sugarcreek Township, Venango County.592

Mrs. Eleanor J. Steele, 80, died at 5 o'clock Friday morning at the home of her grandson, Oscar M. Steele, 1980 Ryons street. She leaves three grandsons, Oscar of Lincoln, John H. of Chicago and Leonard E. of Tulsa, Okla. The family requests that no flowers be sent. The body is being held at Hodgman's pending funeral arrangements.—The Lincoln Star (Lincoln, Nebraska), 6 August 1926; online in the "Stories" section of ancestry.com.

Young Coal Oil Johnny Steele

John Washington Steele (“Coal Oil Johnny”) (1843-1920), circa 1865, probably Philadelphia. From Steele (1902), opposite the Title Page. The caption read “John Washington Steele (Coal Oil Johnny), taken during Philadelphia days.”

In Johnny’s autobiography, see References for an assessment, Johnny calls Sarah McKnight McClintock “Aunt Sally” and always refers to Eleanor as “Mrs. Steele.” Johnny mentions he was born in Sheakleyville, Mercer County, and that he and his sister Permelia were adopted by Culbertson and Sarah McClintock. There is no mention of Johnny and Permelia’s parents.

As indicated in more detail in "Tell the boys to drink water" of the Oil Creek Flemings, in 1864, Johnny inherited a large amount of money from Sarah, his adoptive mother, (Culbertson McClintock was deceased by that time) and immediately packed, left the Oil Creek valley, and began a spending–drinking spree that would make him the most notorious playboy of the oil rush era. These events took place from 1864 to 1867, mainly in Philadelphia.

In 1850, Johnny was living in Cornplanter Township with Culbertson and Sarah (McKnight) McClintock.593 The year 1859 heralded the beginning of the oil excitement along Oil Creek. In 1860, Johnny was living as a boarder and listed as an oil miner in the household of J. A. Brawley in Cornplanter Township.594 Then, starting in 1864, came his escapades in Philadelphia and other areas.

Here is John Steele’s chronology after his Philadelphia days, as taken from Steele (1902), pages 165–210, and from federal censuses.

1867. Left Philadelphia for the last time. Johnny, without family had short stays in Franklin, Rouseville, Petroleum Centre, and then Titusville.

1867. Left Titusville for a trip west, first to Cleveland, then Buffalo and eventually to Kansas City, where he joined his old minstrel buddies. Johnny accompanied the troupe to various cities in the United States and Canada.

Late 1867. Johnny received a letter “to come home.” In the autumn of 1867 he joined his wife, son, and in–laws in Dempseytown, Venango County.

Autumn 1868. Moved with his family to Franklin. Hauled barrel staves, but the factory went out of business and Johnny did not receive a cent for his efforts.

Autumn 1869. Moved with family to Rouseville (Cornplanter Township), where he first was a teamster and later a baggage and freight handler. Johnny eventually bought a house near the depot.

1870. John W. and Eleanor Steele were enumerated in Cornplanter Township, Venango County (page 165), with their child Oscar and two oil workers, David Shrimp, age 19, and John Hilter, age 20. At that time Johnny was listed as a teamster with $5000 in personal estate.595

Autumn 1873. Left Rouseville for Pittsburgh where he took a course at the Iron City Business College.

Spring 1874. Johnny and family were back in Franklin, where he put money in a meat market venture with “my brother–in–law.” Johnny said the venture did not pay and he withdrew.

Sometime in 1874. Johnny and family left Venango County for Dennison, Iowa, where he first worked on bridge construction.

Autumn 1874. Johnny worked as a manager of the grocery section of a large department store in Dennison. He then worked for Issac Schofield running a flour and feed store in Dennison.

Summer 1880. Johnny, Eleanor and Oscar were enumerated in Dennison, Crawford County, Iowa, where Johnny was enumerated as grain dealer (census page 101C).

Autumn 1880. Schofield voluntarily went out of business. Johnny (who was in poor health at this time because of flour dust) and family then moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where they could place their son in college.

Autumn 1881. Moved to Kearney, Nebraska, where Johnny took a position in a general merchandising store.

Summer 1882. Johnny took a job at Burlington Station, where he was eventually made a cashier of the railroad line.

Spring 1886. Johnny was transferred to Louisville, Nebraska, and put in charge of the railroad yards there.

1888. Moved to Ashland, Nebraska, where he remained for 10 years, “when I was called east by the serious illness of a near relative and our time has been divided between the East and my western home ever since … And so I have written my story.”596

1900. Johnny and Eleanor were living in the household of their son Oscar, listed as a railroad station master, and his wife Lois [—?—] in Crete Township, Saline County, Nebraska (1A). Johnny was listed as a railroad yard master.

1910. Johnny and Eleanor were living by themselves in Douglas Pct., Douglas County, Nebraska (census page 82A).

1920. Johnny and Eleanor were living with their daughter-in-law Lois and her family in Bellevue Township, Sarpy, Nebraska (census page 11A), where both Lois and Johnny were enumerated as station agents.

[Johnnie died in December 1920 in Fort Crook, Sarpy County Nebraska, and Eleanor died August 1926 in Lincoln, Nebraska.]

Old Coal Oil Johnny Steele

John Washington Steele (Coal Oil Johnny) (1843-1920) late in life. From Steele (1902).

McClintock workers are indebted to Helene Rogers (Ridgewood, New Jersey) who worked out Permelia and John Steele’s genealogy, reported in Rogers (1973/1995). According to Rogers, Permelia Steele and John Steele were children of James David Steele and Maria Foulk who possibly were not married. One account reports both David and Maria died of diphtheria, but this is apparently erroneous.597 David Steele was a cousin (I do not know the exact relationship) of William and Mary Steele, brother and sister who married children (Sarah Ann McClintock and David McClintock) of Hugh and Jane (Nelson) McClintock, see #63. Perhaps through this connection with the McClintocks Permelia and Johnny were adopted by Culbertson and Sarah McClintock. John M. McClintock, another child of Hugh and Jane (Nelson) McClintock, married a Mary Jane Foulk.

Venango County Panorama has a picture of Coal Oil Johnny and beneath the photograph: “Coal Oil Johnny–John W. Steele is seen looking at the ground of the farm which gave him his fortune in the oil boom days.”598

Child of John and Eleanor (Moffett) Steele:599

+   291 i. Oscar6 C. Steele; born circa 1863 in Pennsylvania; died between 1910 and 1920; married Lois (also Louise) Smith.

142. ELIZABETH5 HAZEN (Rachel4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born 28 August 1843 in Pennsylvania; died 8 October 1909; married FRANCIS BUCHANAN BROWN; born April 1841 in Pennsylvania; died 19 July 1922.

Francis was a son of Michael and Jane (Wall) Brown. Both Elizabeth and Francis are buried in East Troy Cemetery, Troy Township, Crawford County. I am indebted to Willis Brown, Mesa, Arizona, for sending me information on Francis and Elizabeth (Hazen) Brown and their descendants, and for Willis Brown’s publication, “The Family of Carl Grant Brown,” 1995, 6 pages, see Acknowledgments. Francis was a farmer in Troy Township, Crawford County. In 1880 (census page 318) and 1900 (page 1A), Francis, Elizabeth and family were living in Troy Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. In 1910 and 1920, Francis, widower, no occupation listed,was living with his son Clyde and his family in Troy Township.

Children of Francis and Elizabeth (Hazen) Brown:600

292 i. Burton6 Monroe Brown; born 17 July 1863 in Crawford County; died 11 March 1937 in Todd County, South Dakota; married Mary Louise Gratz.
+   293 ii. John Clayton Brown; born circa 1864 in Troy Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania; married Hattie McLaughlin.
+   294 iii. Mary Jane (Jennie) Brown; born 24 October 1865 in Oil Creek Township, Venango County; died 7 December 1935; married William Orville Alcorn.
  295 iv. Charles Gregory Brown; born 6 March 1867 in Pennsylvania; married 21 August 1893 in Fostoria, Ohio, Anna Yates; born March 1873 in Ohio. The family lived in Fostoria, Ward 3, Seneca County, Ohio (page 11B), in 1900, where Charles was enumerated as an oil producer. In 1920, the family was in Ashland Township, Ashland County, Ohio, (page 4A), where Charles G. was enumerated as a field superintendent, gas production.
Children known from the 1900 and 1920 censuses (all born in Ohio):
(a) Fred Y. Brown, born March 1894, enumerated as a cost clerk in a rubber factory in 1920.
(b) Robert C. Brown, born January 1897.
(c) Richard M. Brown, born January 1899; married Zina L [—?—], born circa 1909 in Ohio.
+   296 v. Rachel Belle Brown; born 14 February 1878 in Troy Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania; died 1930; married Ben Lanctot (Lonctot?).
  297 vi. Francis Hamilton Brown; born 6 November 1879 in Crawford County; died in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio; married 23 January 1904 in Jamestown, Chautauqua County, New York, Nellie Whitman.
  298 vii. Clyde L. Brown; born 22 April 1882 in Troy Township, Crawford County; died 22 October 1934; buried Chaplinville Cemetery, Bloomfield Township, Crawford County; married 26 June 1906 in Niagara, Niagara County, New York, Lizzie Noel; born circa 1887 in Pennsylvania. In 1910 (page 1A) and 1920 (page 4B), Clyde, Lizzie and Clyde's father, Francis, were living in Troy Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, where Clyde was listed as a farmer. No children were reported in these censuses.

143. MARY5 HAZEN (Rachel4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born 15 January 1845 in Troy Township, Crawford County; died 12 January 1928 in Springwater, Livingston County New York; married 28 April 1864 DANIEL HAMMOND FOSTER, born 24 April 1836 in Pennsylvania; died 31 January 1915 in Scottsburg, Livingston County, New York.601

In 1870 (page 408), 1880 (page 370), 1900 (page 138), and 1910 (page 94A), the family was living in Sparta Township, Livingston County, New York, where Daniel was enumerated as a physician. Also in the household in 1880 was J. H. (John Hamilton) Hazen, brother of Mary (Hazen Foster) (see #147). In the household in 1910 was Ralph Foster, widower, brother of Daniel H. Foster.

Children of Daniel and Mary (Hazen) Foster (known from the federal censuses):

  299 i. Hattie6 Louisa Foster; born 22 July 1865 in Belmont, Allegheny County, New York; died 11 December 1879 in Scottsburg, New York.
  300 ii. Samuel Gates Foster; born 10 January 1868 in Scottsburg, New York; married (first), 10 January 1900, Sadie Ritts in Emlenton Borough, Richland Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania; she was born in New York state. They lived in Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania, in 1900 (page 111) and 1920 (page 16A), where Samuel was listed as a physician. In 1930 (page 15B), Samuel and second wife Isabelle B. [—?—]; born circa 1876 in Pennsylvania, were living in Oil City, Pennsylvania (page 15B)—Samuel still listed as a physician. Apparently Samuel did not have children by either wife.
  301 iii. Francis Vernon Foster; born 11 June 1869 in Scottsburg, New York; married (first) Ora Gamble in Groveland, New York; married (second), 22 February 1898, Nellie Snyder; born December 1873 in New York. Francis was a physician in Caledonia, New York. Francis and second wife Nellie were enumerated in Caledonia in 1900 (page 168), 1910 (page 55B), 1920 (page 51B), and in 1930 (page 7B). Francis and second wife Nellie did not have children.
Francis and first wife Ora (Gamble) Foster had child
(a) Hazen Foster; born 31 August 1895 in New York state; died December 1972; last residence: Harvey Township, Cook County, Illinois; married Clara Conrad; born circa 1896 in Illinois. In 1930 Hazen, Clara and son Vernon were living with Clara's parents, Peter and Mary A. Conrad, in New Trier Township, Cook County, Illinois, where Hazen was enumerated as a traffic manager for a steel contractor (page 14A).
Child of Hazen and Clara (Conrad) Foster known from the 1930 federal census:
(i) Vernon Foster
  302 iv. Lewis Foster; born 5 November 1872 in Scottsburg, New York.; died 3 September 1875.
  303 v. Addie Gertrude Foster; born 28 November 1879 in Scottsburg, New York; died 14 July 1930; married, 26 December 1900, Manley Mack, born 19 November 1877 in Canadice, New York. The family lived in Springwater Township, Livingston County, New York, where Manley was enumerated as foreman for town's highway in 1910 (page 5A), as farm labor in 1920 (page 6A), and as postmaster, post office in 1930 (page 3A). Addie was listed as a clerk in the post office in 1930—the 1930 census was taken 8 April 1930. which was before Addie died in 1930. Also in the family in 1920 was Addie's mother, Mary Hazen, widow.
Children known from the federal censuses (all born in New York state):
(a) Marjorie A. Mack, born circa 1902.
(b) Margrette (Mayretta) Mack, born circa 1906.
(c) Gates Mack, born 25 April 1912; died August 1979; last residence being Conesus, Livingston County, New York (re Social Security Death Index).
(d) Clifford M. Mack, born (private).
(e) Marion N. Mack; born (private).

144. FRANCIS5 MONROE HAZEN (Rachel4, Hamilton3, Hugh2, Francis1); born 26 September 1847 in Troy Township, Crawford County; died 17 May 1913; married 9 September 1869 ELIZABETH ANN MINIUM, born 31 December 1846 in Pennsylvania; died 16 February 1916 in Franklin, Venango County.602

Several "Miniums" are mentioned in the History of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1885. The parents of Elizabeth Ann Minium were probably Jacob and Mary Minium who lived in Woodcock Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania in 1860, where Elizabeth was listed as born circa 1844 in Pennsylvania (census page 1101).
Francis, Elizabeth and family lived in Venango Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, in 1900 (page 4A) and 1910 (page 4B), when Francis was a farmer.

Children of Francis and Elizabeth (Minium) Hazen:

  304 i. Arthur6 Hazen; born 11 April 1872 in Crawford County; died 18 December 1941. Arthur did not marry. He was still living with his parents in 1910, when he was enumerated as a clerk in a cheese factory
+   305 ii. Lulu Eglantine Hazen; born 3 October 1874 in Crawford County; married Ray Coulter.
  306 iii. Mary Gertrude Hazen; born 18 December 1876 in Crawford County; died 6 October 1880.
  307 iv. Bessie Leona Hazen; born June 1884.
  308 v. Carl Monroe Hazen; born March 1888 in Pennsylvania; married Grace [—?—] , born circa 1893 in Ohio. Carl, single, and living with his parents in 1910, was enumerated as a public school teacher. In 1920 (census page 10A) and 1930 (page 9A) the family lived in Titusville, Pennsylvania.603 Carl was a physician and surgeon.
Their children in 1930 (all born in Pennsylvania):
(a) Barbara Hazen; born (private)
(b)Richard Hazen; born (private)
(c) Carl Hazen; born (private).

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